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Welcome to e-Volcano platform

Welcome to e-Volcano platform

Welcome to e-Volcano, an online platform for video lectures & brief perspectives in volcanology

New technologies and computer programs have been significantly advancing our ways of teaching and learning in the past decades and new platforms have been created to provide new learning tools to support the visual and auditory learning. Also, the repeated lockdowns due to the current Coronavirus crisis and resulting home-office has led many scientists to start using video tools for scientific communication. However, while most of the scientific content in Volcanology is available in written form via books and papers, the community has not yet had the chance to widely benefit from quality online tools such as video lectures and podcasts as a learning and teaching tool. This is where eVolcano comes into play.

eVolcano is an online platform where peer reviewed video content is made freely available to all students, scientists, and the public. Volcanology experts will be invited to record scientific videos covering the main topics in the field. The volcanology community will further be able to send proposals for video submissions, complementing the main videos with short communications, exercises, debates, and many more.

All videos are peer reviewed by an Editor and reviewer(s) before being published fully open access, to ensure the high quality of all content published.

The Pilot project includes videos targeting the University level in English language. Future videos could include a diversity of languages, as well as target different School and public knowledge levels.

What eVolcano can provide:

  • Raise interest and promote the field of volcanology
  • A complementary and innovative tool to study volcanology
  • An interactive tool for students and teachers alike
  • Videos as a perfect complement books to study
  • State of the art content (can be updated rapidly and in a timely manner)

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