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How to submit

A. Submission Invited Video

  1. Upload the Presentation slides

Please let the eVolcano Office know once your presentation is ready. The Office will send you a link (password protected) to upload the following:

  1. Presentation slides
  2. Supplementary Material
  3. Author Statement Form (can also be submitted together with the video at a later stage)

 Once uploaded the review process will start and you will get notified you once the Editor’s and reviewer’s first assessment has been submitted.

  1. Upload the revised Presentation slides and/or subsequently the Video recording

Once you have completed the revisions please do use the same link to upload:

  1. If minor revisions requested: your recorded video
  2. If moderate to major revisions requested: your revised version of the presentation slides for the Editor

B. Submission Video Proposal

  1. Proposals can be sent to eVolcano and can include specific short communications, current eruptions, techniques and programs, exercises, interviews, animations, debates, games, comics, etc.
  2. Please answer the below questions and send them back to
  • Title
  • Author name and Affiliation
  • Field/Commission/Editor
  • What is the video proposal about (max. 200 words)
  • What value would it add to the eVolcano Collection (max. 100 words)
  1. If proposal accepted please follow the ‘Submission Invited Video’ instructions above.